We all have THAT person in our lives.

You know, the one who somehow gets invited to a wedding abroad and consequently posts endless Instagrams proving how sunny and glam and perfect a time they’re having, and you basically hate them because you think your life will never be like that?

Well, guess what?

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I seem to have misplaced my left eye.

Recently I ran my first ever half marathon. This is ridiculous not only because a) I look like Phoebe from Friends when I run and b) no matter what I do, my leggings always fall down a bit (no, Mr Short Shorts from the park, I am not bum flirting with you); but mostly because it turns out that 13.1 miles is actually a really, really freaking long way.

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I wrote this for Whatever After. I couldn’t think of any more than ten.

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Whatever After article

Amazing post from my brill sis:

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I made a new blog for my horse ramblings! Of horse (course).



I’ve never been fashionable. I mean, I like clothes, but I’ve never quite got there with the whole ‘bang on trend’ thing. Not through a lack of trying – just because the universe is utterly against it happening.

I rock a pair of Nike Air Max, people tell me it’s good I’m going to the gym. I wear a quilted skirt, people ask why I’m wearing half a sleeping bag. I buy a vintage jacket and people sing ‘Climb Every Mountain’ because apparently I look like I’m wearing the Sound of Music curtain outfit (the most offensive thing there being the weak song choice, of course).

So when I read that fluffy coats are IN this winter, you can only imagine how excited I was… because I ALREADY OWN A FLUFFY COAT.

I am fashion!!!
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My blog ‘Four Days in Budapest’ has totally been featured in the travel section of the Huffington Post! Hooray.


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